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Robb Walters

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese Bodywork therapy

It uses gentle hand and finger pressure along the body’s energy pathways called meridians. According to oriental medicine, our physical and emotional imbalances have their origin in imbalances in the meridians, where life energy circulates.

Shiatsu harmonizes this energetic flow, relaxes the body and calms the nervous system. In this balanced state, internal self healing resources can function effectively to restore body and mind.

* Shiatsu is very profound as it touches not only the physical body but also the mental, emotional and energetic aspects of the self.

During the treatment the client may feel completely relaxed and and at the same time energized.

Shiatsu is effective in treating a wide range of health complaints like stress, anxiety, fatigue, headache, backpain, fibromialgya, chronic pain, and works also as a wonderful experience to relax and feel at ease with yourself.
Removal of clothing is not required.

A Shiatsu session lasts about 60 min ( 90 min, the first time)
It includes a brief verbal exchange at the beginning

and a short feedback at the end of the session.
Removal of clothing is not required.

Shiatsu is not a medical treatment and is not a substitute for medical care.

You should always consult with a physician if you think you need one.

Shiatsu is intended to be a tool to be integrated in your general health care.