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“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Carl Gustav Jung

It is not always the easiest path, when we start working on ourselves.

But, by getting more in touch with your own resources, you may reconnect with your strengths and the beauty of your essence.

And this is, in my opinion and experience, the most powerful outcome to live a more fullfiled and happy life. Feeling and being truly yourself. Authentic and genuine.


Quantum & Zen Shiatsu

Quantum Shiatsu is a style of Japanese bodywork that recognizes the multi-dimensional aspects of energy in the physical body.

Through gentle touch all along the body on the lines of the meridians (energy vessels), Shiatsu harmonizes the flow of vital energy and relaxes and calms the nervous system. As Shiatsu reinforces the functioning of the immune system, internal self healing resources then can function effectively to restore the inner equilibrium of both body & mind.

Why Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is effective in treating a wide range of contemporary health issues like stress, anxiety, fatigue, headache, back pain. It is also used as a complementary treatment for several chronic diseases and it also works as a wonderful wellness experience: normally you feel more relaxed and revitalized after a session.

Clients are asked to wear comfortable loose clothing during shiatsu sessions.

Every session is different and orientated on the persons actual energetic patterns. 

Face Massage

Intuitive Massage

Therapeutical massage is a wonderful way to release physical and emotional tensions.


It is a relaxing, restoring, reinvigorating massage using a combination of pure cold pressed Portuguese almond oil and variety of essential plant oils from the Mediterranean.

This form of massage is a helpful ressource to bring relieve when there is stress, anxiety, fatigue, headache, back pain.

Every session is different and orientated intuitively. 

Why Massage?

Touch is the first of our senses to develop, providing us with the sensory scaffold on which we come to perceive our own bodies and our sense of self.


The moment we receive skin to skin touch, in form of a massage, we can let go. In a safe and confortable environment, tensions in the physical body as also emotional blockages and a busy mind can let go.  Deep relaxation can unfold. The nervous system calms down.

All other systems in the body can find back into balance.

Massage also works as a wonderful wellness experience: normally you feel very relaxed after a session.


Therapeutic Bodymind Sessions

In the Therapeutic Bodymind sessions I combine tools and techniques from all the areas I have been trained in during my professional career.

Body, emotions and feelings as well as patterns of thinking and behavior are explored together in a safe space to find solutions and improvements in different life situations and circumstances.

The goal is to restore the client's stability and access their inner (healing) resources to get back to a balanced, centered and empowered position in life.



MBU stands for Medicina Bioenergetica de Uruguay and are a complete system of flower essences developed over the past 30 years by the Uruguayan doctor Dr. Bernardo Ferrando.


The MBU Flower Essences are a gentle, though powerful resource to support you with both physical & emotional disharmonies.

How does it works?

These natural essences work with the vibration of the plants, and are accurately developed by the founder of the MBU System, Dr. Bernardo Ferrando in Uruguay. Each essence activates a certain archetype (in Jungian psychology, an archetype stays fro a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., that is universally present in individual psyches).

During a counselling session, the essences are choosen in accordance to the personal situation in which you currently need support. A certain number of essences are selected, mixed and prepared specially for you.


They come in 30ml bottles, are purely natural without any additives. By taking a few drops under your tongue daily, the essences have an impact on your whole energetic system. You may remember even more your dreams, what brings the possibilty to work with dream symbols during the follow up session.


Ki Flow Yoga

Gentle Bodywork, Yoga postures and Meridian Stretching

A class using a mixture of yoga, breathing exercises and meridian bodywork, based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach, which activates the free flow of energy within the body.

Each class includes a final session of full body relaxation.

Group classes and private classes.


Regular Children Meditation Groups

for children age 6 - 12 years



Everybody can meditate

Intuitively guided meditation that invites you to tune into your body and also calm the mind, in order to become fully aware of the beauty of the present moment and the ressources you have within.

Generally gentle wam up of the body through simple exercises will be included at the beginning.

Meditation for CHILDREN

A wonderful way to create a habit that will promote self regulation skills and resilience also in the future

Children of all ages need opportunities where they can take time out each day  to relax and recharge.

Meditation offers this break and is a practice children usually adore. It is shorter than for adults, works with tools like visualisation, breathing exercises and creativity and has an enormous potential to create a foundation in life. The benefits are several, from improved focus and concentration, over better self regulation systems and better self esteem, to better sleep and a stronger immune system (lowering stress levels).  


Río Abierto - A school of life


Rio Abierto means "Open River" in Spanish: a metaphor that invites us to open up to the natural flow of life, and an invitation to get in touch with our full potential.

Río Abierto is a holistic system with South American Roots.

It was developed since the 1960s in Argentina by psychologist Maria Adela Palcos, and continues evolving, as life itself.


Different elements are used and combined

to grow self-knowledge, activate vital energy and release blockades on all levels of the being:

The body in movement is the starting point for a pla
yful and therapeutic way to get to know ourselves better and how we relate with others.


Río Abierto offers a transformative path and has an individual and transpersonal impact. 



Movement & Dance:
free and guided, harmonious, expressive,
energetic, spontaneous.
Creativity, Drama, Arts, Meditation,
Expression through Voice, Touch
Journaling and Sharing

In a Rio Abierto workshop all these elements combine in order to promote the potential, health and creativity in each one of us. Relaxation and meditation open a new space of internal connection with the most essential aspects of our being, helping us to take off masks, connect to our essence and be who we truly are.


Previous experience is not necessary.

Just show up with everything that moves you!

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