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„Everyone's my teacher.
Everywhere I go, I'm a student.“
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The beginners mind.

My Story

I am a passionate Body-Mind-Soul Practitioner. 

I am a certified
 Shiatsu Practitioner
, Río Abierto System Facilitator & Therapist
 MBU Flower Essences Counsellor.

I work both with individuals and groups of all ages and in all life situations.

 It's an holistic approach using complementary alternative techniques and systems with
 roots that go from Asia to South America.

 Techniques that involve our Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit.
 Because we are made of all of these aspects into ONE.

In an integrative way I've been growing in a personal and professional way over the years of qualification and work experience.

 And it's an never ending journey!


That's also something I love about what I do.


Thank you for choosing me to support you on moments of your own life path.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+351 960293601

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